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Ben Kuhn

Hi, my name is Ben–

I am a creative leader with a strong vision and more than 20 years hands-on experience in the digital design realm. With a background in Industrial Design, I started my career in international design studios where I gained solid experience in various verticals before zeroing in on the automotive industry 14 years ago. I’ve worked for BMW, Mini, Mercedes-Benz, Smart, Audi, Porsche amongst others and have held in-house positions at BMW Group Design and now Mercedes-Benz Advanced Design. I combine multi-faceted creative skills with a profound expertise in the Human Centered Design process in general and the UI/UX development of cars in particular.

Fueled by relentless curiosity I have been fortunate to travel and work across different cultures from East to West. Tolerance, open-minded thinking and questioning the status quo are the values that are guiding me throughout my journey. Currently I am living in Southern California and when I am not in front of a screen I am on a surfboard in the ocean.


Selected Projects

Here you can find a selection of my work. Most of the projects for auto brands are under NDA so I can only share work that has been published previously either in concept cars or in production models. Many exciting concepts remain undisclosed.


I started working in Design in the early 2000s and have both acquired a broad experience across a wide field of projects and a deep technical knowledge in a wide range of tools and processes. These are older projects that helped me build my knowledge and reputation as a creative leader.

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Benjamin Kuhn
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